Erasmus + 2018-2021



Our project addresses the situations of racism and gender discrimination in our environment, with the aim that the participating students are aware of the reality of their country and can compare it with what happens in other places. We also address the knowledge of our cultural heritage as wealth and also as an area of creation of employment and economic growth, so necessary in Extremadura, a region with one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. As stated in the specific priority for the School Education sector, this awareness can help to build a bridge between school and society. The activities proposed  focus on collaborative approaches to learning using information technology, without forgetting the importance of evaluation during the process and at the end of the programme.
The main motivations of our project are to help students build self-esteem and assertiveness as a way of reducing discrimination and bullying. Moreover, we aim to connect the practice of sport, especially among teenage girls, to improve their self-esteem and to promote healthy habit. Finally, our project focus on the knowledge of cultural heritage and artistic expression (architecture, painting, literature, music, etc.) as a way to appreciate where we come from and to decide where we are going to.


Our students made a reflection about these questions:
1.How will you change before you are 20 years old?
2.What will be Europe ́s biggest problem in 50 years?
3.How can our society improve in terms of social inclusion and equal opportunities?



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Stockholm, Sweden - Cáceres, Spain


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